Bartenders reveal the 12 hangover cures that actually work for them


  • INSIDER interviewed 11 different bartenders both past and current to get the scoop on their favorite hangover cure.
  • Always chug a bottle of water before you go to bed.
  • The next day, reach for plain food instead of the typical greasy morning-after fare.


We've all been there before: "Happy hour with your co-workers" suddenly turns into late-night karaoke, and the next morning becomes brutal.

Unfortunately, the only true cure for hangovers is the painfully slow passage of time. However, for a quick fix we spoke with 11 bartenders who revealed their tips, tricks, and cures for the common hangover.

Try out your favorite or mix and match from our list of cures, but this roundup is sure to make your morning after a little easier to bear.

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Chug water before you go to bed

"Chug a bottle of water before you go to bed," Adam Aro, who works at Chelsea Pub in Hermosa Beach, told INSIDER.

Remember, the more water — and the earlier you drink it in the evening — the better.

Drink a beer first thing in the morning

Mikey Yoder of Komodo — an Asian restaurant in Miami — also swears by keeping yourself hydrated by chugging a bottle of water (with three Aleve) before bed. But he also uses this tip when he wakes up:

"Have a beer in the morning the first thing after your eyes open," Yoder said. "I had a friend who swore by this for years. I was skeptical because I was always under the impression that only time truly cures a hangover. However, I tried it once and realized there was truth in the method." 

Put ice on your face and take Benadryl for swelling

A not-so-fun side effect of a nasty hangover? The ugly "hangover face" you get from swelling due to dehydration.

"Put ices cubes on your face to help with swelling and take two to three ibuprofen and a Benadryl before going to sleep," Adam Aro said. 

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