The 21 best trips for foodies around the world

Belgian waffle in BrugesFood is undoubtedly a huge part of any trip.

But for some people, food is the only reason for the trip. 

From a Puerto Rican highway famous for its pork to an Italian forest filled with white truffles, we've found some of the most epic foodie trails and destinations around the world.

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Oysters in Galway, Ireland

While more famous for Guinness beer and Irish whiskey, real oyster connoisseurs should head to Ireland, and more specifically Galway, to sample the famous Kelly oyster — an extra large, extra salty bivalve. Moran's Oyster Cottage, which has been open since 1797 and in the same family for seven generations, is a must, as well as the annual Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival in September, which also hosts the world's annual oyster opening championship. 

Pork at the Ruta del Lechón, Puerto Rico

La Ruta del Lechón in Puerto Rico is literally a highway lined with strip mall-like shacks. While not exactly scenic, it just might be hog heaven. Pork Highway, as it's known, is a stretch of road around 45 minutes from San Juan, packed with lechoneras selling the island's unofficial national dish: Lechón asado, crispy skinned, spit-roasted whole suckling pig. Nowhere does it better than Route 184 to Guavate, in the Sierra de Cayey mountains, where you can essentially pick the exact piece you want simply by pointing at the roasting pork. Eaten with other local dishes like arroz, pasteles, and morcilla, and to the tunes of local bands, eating here is as much a culinary experience as it is a cultural one.

Barbecue at the North Carolina Barbecue Society's Historic Barbecue Trail

Of course there's much debate as to who does barbecue best, and how it's done varies not only across state lines but even between them. In North Carolina, aka "The Cradle of 'Cue," the dividing line is Chapel Hill, which separates the vinegar based eastern style and the western tomato based version. Hit the North Carolina Barbecue Society's Historic Barbecue Trail to try them both, as it features 23 historic spots between eastern North Carolina and all the way to Tennessee.

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