We tried 4 mashed potato recipes from different celebrity chefs and the winner was clear

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  • INSIDER compared the mashed potato recipes of four celebrity chefs.
  • We tried Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, and Martha Stewart's recipes.
  • Emeril Lagasse's recipe was the winner, while Bobby Flay's came in last.


Mashed potatoes are a staple at holiday gatherings and family dinners, but whose recipe do you trust for the creamiest, tastiest version of this comfort food classic?

We put four celebrity chef mashed potato recipes head to head as  part of an ongoing INSIDER taste test series. In the past, we've tried everything from scrambled eggs to pie crusts.

The recipes we used were those of Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, and Martha Stewart. Who knew that mashed potato recipes could come out so differently?

Keep scrolling to find out the best (and worst) celebrity chef mashed potatoes. 

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Making Bobby Flay's "Mashed Potatoes with Buttermilk, Black Pepper and Green Onion."

While Bobby Flay's mashed potatoes recipe was very easy to follow, I was surprised at the addition of buttermilk. The buttermilk added a very harsh, tart flavor profile to what looked like normal mashed potatoes. The sour quality was muted slightly by the addition of green onions, and the potatoes were nice and fluffy, but I still would never use this recipe again. 

The verdict: This recipe came in last, since the buttermilk made it tart-tasting. Maybe Flay should stick to his famous burgers.

Ease of Recipe: 8/10

Flavor: 1/10

Texture: 7/10

Moisture: 5/10

Overall: 3/10

Making Martha Stewart's "Perfect Mashed Potatoes."

The instructions for these mashed potatoes were harder to follow than the rest of the recipes we made. Overall? They were the driest of the bunch, and could have used more butter and cream, though they did have the most nuanced flavor profile, thanks to nutmeg and black pepper. 

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