Pepperoni and Cream Cheese Pizza Rolls - Gluten Free, Low Carb from

Heirloom cherry tomatoes of varying colors are enveloped in a seasoned blend of cream cheese and goat cheese in this mini cheeseballs recipe. Finish them with a seed, walnut and herb, or pecan and chili pepper topping — or make some with each!

Make these Cheddar Crusted Olives ahead of time for your holiday party! #appetizers #holiday

Mozzarella, Pepperoni & Olive Bites

Baked Cream Cheese Rangoon Rolls -- an easy appetizer or snack idea! The most delicious finger food, EVER. Kids and adults love them.

Holiday Cheese Spread recipe with dried cranberries & apricots, rosemary, and goat and cream cheeses - spread it on crackers or toasted bread

Asian Salad Wonton Cup Appetizers - a recipe that you can easily turn into a full meal!

Did you know serving bread before a meal is a sign of hospitality? A plate of warm Dietz & Watson Parmesan Olive Rolls are certainly welcoming.

Best Ever Party Appetizer I "This is something that I hope I have leftovers of so I can enjoy days after the party."

salami rolls. Mix green onions in cream cheese and layer with red and Green peppers for Christmas

Filled with cream cheese and chives, these Crispy Bacon Cream Cheese Bites are showstopping appetizers at any party!

Deep Fried Olives: The perfect holiday appetizer! Just dip some drained olives in a beaten egg, coat with bread crumbs, and fry in olive oil. Make sure you have extra jars of olives on hand, because these will disappear quick!

Bacon Cream Cheese Bites - Filled with cream cheese and chives, these are showstoppers at any party!

Olive Cheese Bread combines the brine-y flavors of olives, in a rich gooey cheese filling on top of crusty bread, for appetizer perfection.

Filled with cream cheese and chives, these Crispy Bacon Cream Cheese Bites are showstopping appetizers at any party!

“Wow” your guests with an ultimate party platter. It’s as easy as 3+3+3: 1.) Start with 3 cheeses (we recommend sharp cheddar, brie and gouda). Set cheese out an hour before your party for the best flavor. 2.) Add 3 savory items (like olives, ham and nuts). 3.) Complete with 3 sweets (say, grapes, dried apricots and raisins). 4.) Label using toothpicks, sticky notes and a pen. Serve as an appetizer or after dinner. Check out more Walmart party-planning tips and tricks to fit any budget.

Graduation Party Food - Recipes For A Graduation Party Menu -

A wine and cheese buffet is perfect for a casual get together, book club night, or appetizers before a dinner party! Set out a variety of wines and pair them up with different cheeses, chocolates, and olives. Add some great crackers and crusty baguette and you have yourself a great happy hour!

101 Appetizers Perfect For Any Occasion