Review: Taco Bell - Cantina Bowl | Brand Eating

Recreation of Taco Bell's Cantina Bowl!!!!!!!!

Taco Bell Cantina Power Bowl with Chicken - not usually big on fast food but this is delicious!!

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Chicken Florentine Crepe (Ihop s Copycat) - I made this and it was delicious!

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So much better than Taco Bell, these homemade chalupa shells can be filled pretty much any Tex-Mex filling!

Taco Bell Cantina Bowl at TidyMom

Inspired by Chipotle, this epic Burrito Bowl will rock your world. This is a perfect recipe for make ahead lunches.

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taco bell cantina bowl with steak. I LOVED IT!

copycat recipe for Taco Bell's cheesy fiesta potatoes -- must try it. I'm addicted to those things.

Chicken Cantina Bowl

TACO BELL CrunchWrap Supreme Copy Cat Recipe --only healthier! I BET I can make this perfection in my new quesadilla maker! YESSSS

Copy cat recipe for Quiznos Broccoli and Cheese soup... Make this healthier by reducing butter by substituting with olive or canola oil, low fat cheese and coconut milk