Fried wontons – the BEST fried wontons!! Super crispy and crazy delicious, learn how to make fried wontons with this easy recipe!! |

Crab Rangoon - This crisp, fried wonton is loaded with cream cheese and crab goodness, and it’s an absolute party favorite!

Baked Cream Cheese Wontons - No one would ever believe that these crisp, creamy wontons are actually baked, not fried! And they're so easy to make!

2 ingredient BAKED CREAM CHEESE WONTONS - so easy! Must try-

This Crispy Crab Rangoon recipe is easy to make and tastes better than your favorite restaurant! These crispy crab and cream cheese filled wontons can be baked or fried!

All Things Savory: Cream Cheese Wontons

Vegan scallion pancakes are an easy vegan appetizer or side dish. Plus, they're fun to make!

This Crab Rangoon recipe from Holly at Spend with Pennies makes the perfect appetizer for your next party! The recipe is simple and contains a mixture of crab, cream cheese, and seasonings that get wrapped up in a wonton wrapper and fried until crispy.

Chicken Teriyaki – chicken teriyaki that taste like the best Japanese restaurants. So easy and so good |

The best, easiest & super crispy crab rangoon or cream cheese wonton recipe EVER. Great recipe for a party.

Healthy appetizer, I will prbly never make these, but in case there are no Chinese Restaurants around....

The appetizer that will make the party! Cheese filled biscuit bombs wrapped in bacon and fried. Do it!

An extra cheesy crab dip sure to please a crowd. A blend of Parmesan, Mozzarella, and cream cheeses.

Lobster Cream Cheese Wontons

Delicious Cream Cheese Wontons recipe - a family favorite! { } Wonton wrappers filled with cream cheese, lemon and garlic pepper, & paprika & fried until crispy! The perfect appetizer with any Chinese recipe.

Previous Pinner said: "The best, easiest, super crispy crab rangoon or cream cheese wonton recipe EVERQ Quick, fool-proof & a zillion times better than Chinese takeout |"

These homemade spring rolls are made with an old family recipe...along with a tangy, super old-school dipping sauce. Find out how to make them yourself! @thewoksoflife1

Delicious won tons, baked crisp and meatless! You won't believe how fast they disappear. Veganize with won ton wrappers found in Asian markets and vegan-friendly stores. | won ton wrapper recipes | healthy chinese | vegetarian | vegan | healthy | appetizers | fun | baked |

Chinese Pork meatballs: Char Siew like charring on the edges with flavors hitting notes of sweet and salty in each that are ideal for a delicious appetizer in 20 minutes.

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