‘Mermaid toast’ is now a thing – and you can try it in east London (for free!)

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Mermaid Toast!

This Mermaid Toast Is as Gorgeous as It Is Healthy

Take waffles up a notch with this rainbow waffles recipe! All you need is waffle mix and your favorite food coloring for this tasty and beautiful treat.

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It's normal to spend 20 minutes creating a collage of toast photos, right? @cosmopolitan did a story on me and my work as a food stylist & photographer + all the info on colorful unicorn toast! Check it out: link in bio #toasttherainbow #toast #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory

Mermaid Toast

Mermaid Toast Is A Thing Now, And Instagram Is Seriously In Love With It | Bored Panda


Start with your desired type of toast and brush it with plain white cream cheese as a base. Then add dollops of the colored cream cheeses and start swirling them around on your toast canvas using chopsticks or a butter knife. Then, top it with gold-leaf flakes or pearly pastel sprinkles to make it extra pretty. Or cutting up fruits and veggies in star shapes for added appeal.

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3 colours cauliflower baba ghannouj on toasts : White, yellow & pink with unicorn toppings What colour (s) are you attracted to? Colours on your plate add more life to your days ❤️ nutritionally, emotionally & spiritually! Personally, colours always lift me up and change the way I perceive my world, my food and my day ✨ Food does go beyond itself Happy Friday . . . . . . . . #bestofvegan#veganfoodshare #yahoofood#gatheringslikethese#lifeandthyme #beautifulcuisines#favori...

Friday is for Unicorn Toast. Inspired by @vibrantandpure

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“What pretty ocean unicorn toasts __________ Go to @ladylentils for how-to make 'em”


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