Avocado and Egg Sandwich with Super Seed Bread

The ‘green-spiration’ ensued; matcha, mint, & avocado would tint the filling the perfect shade of green!

Photograph Herbs and spices selection by Natalia Klenova on 500px

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Новости This looks amaizing. I cant believe what I can do now. I need indian food photography ! I cant believe what I can do now. I want to learn how to do this. Click and receive. | Untitled

ingredients // the first mess

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129 cukes per plant, this works great! I have done this every year and it is great!!


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Engaging Senses

ingredienti per pasta al pomodoro

matcha mint grasshopper pie

TOMATO - lat. Solanum lycopersicum, Group: Fruits and Vegetables - (Odor profile: juicy, fresh, succulent vegetal note with a dry woody tonality reminiscent of eau de brouts and petitgrain. Tomato leaf itself is greener, slightly astringent and bitterish in tonality, a very individual &refined note in perfumes).

Color and freshness play a large role in this photo. It is a vibrant and fresh vegetable that appeals to the eye.