Mermaid Toast

Mermaid Toast

Mermaid Toast Is A Thing Now, And Instagram Is Seriously In Love With It | Bored Panda

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Mermaid Milk with Nut and Seed Stovetop Granola

Mermaid Toast

mermaid nicecream #vegan #dairyfree

Un régal visuel avec les Unicorn Toasts et Mermaid Toasts. Une gourmandise graphique et hyper colorée de la designer culinaire Adeline Waugh, qavec des aliments naturels et bio.

Start with your desired type of toast and brush it with plain white cream cheese as a base. Then add dollops of the colored cream cheeses and start swirling them around on your toast canvas using chopsticks or a butter knife. Then, top it with gold-leaf flakes or pearly pastel sprinkles to make it extra pretty. Or cutting up fruits and veggies in star shapes for added appeal.

Move over rainbow toasties, bagels and coffees.. UNICORN TOAST is here and this new food trend is next level! #unicorntoast #rainbow #foodtrend Image by @vibrantandpure

Adeline Waugh bestreicht Toastbrote mit kunterbunten Aufstrichen - KlonBlog

Monday breakfast vibes by @sarafit_nf - featuring our Breakfast Blend. Whos ready to slay this short Work week? There are so many ways to prepare toast yet somehow I always end up with a variation of eggs avocado on mine No shame in that game though especially after reading a study that found the happiest people are those who keep a regular food routine. I guess eggs avocado toast (or avocado egg toast - it really doesn't matter which is on top of the bread ) is mine . - Throwing it all t

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Meet unicorn food’s Instagram-friendly cousin: mermaid toast

Quickly falling in love with this whole unicorn toast... mermaid toast... thing. I WANT SOME :)

Unicorn toast or mermaid toast? Whatever it is I LOVE IT.

Mermaid Toast!

Mermaid Smoothie

20 Whimsical Ways to Get Unicorn or Mermaid Toast in Your Life

3 colours cauliflower baba ghannouj on toasts : White, yellow & pink with unicorn toppings What colour (s) are you attracted to? Colours on your plate add more life to your days ❤️ nutritionally, emotionally & spiritually! Personally, colours always lift me up and change the way I perceive my world, my food and my day ✨ Food does go beyond itself Happy Friday . . . . . . . . #bestofvegan#veganfoodshare #yahoofood#gatheringslikethese#lifeandthyme #beautifulcuisines#favori...

Magical unicorn toast is the breakfast trend taking over Instagram | Stylist Magazine

Bread is back. Time to toast it up with these four incredible breakfast toast recipes with unique toppings. The perfect on the go breakfast or snack!

Unicorn Toast. Vegan with all natural food coloring options, from actual food! Swirled with coconut milk yogurt or dairy free cream cheese. Creative & fun breakfast or snack! #unicorn #toast #vegan

Berries & Cream Stuffed French Toast Casserole - Slices of French bread stuffed with fresh berries & cream cheese filling, covered in a custard mixture and baked until perfectly fluffy and slightly crispy on top. #breakfast #casserole #berries #recipes #holidays

How to Make Eggs in a Basket Adrienne scrambles the egg a bit and puts a slice of cheese on it then cuts it when it cools.